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Celebrate Milestones in Your Life

How can you celebrate milestones in your lives and feel fulfilled?

Turn your birthdays, anniversaries, and any other memorable milestones into a day of GIVING that heralds a better life for thousands of others, especially children who deserve our support.
Yuva Pragati, USA funds and manages many programs for overall development of children and youth in remote villages of Gujarat. Contribute to these programs and encourage your friends and family to participate and help these children to break the cycle of poverty by becoming healthy, self-reliant, and good citizens of India.
Yuva Pragati, USA is committed to improving the lives of these underprivileged children.
Every contribution made helps these children in education, employment, better health, and future opportunities.
1) Our program to eradicate malnutrition: Your donation of $200/- will provide protein rich breakfast for 5 primary school children for the entire school year.
2) Our program to enrich the learning experience by conducting regular Vanchan Shibirs or Book Clubs: Your contribution of $500/- will fund one-day Vanchan Shibir with two meals for the children.
3) Our program to educate children through field trips to various places and events: Your donation of $200/- will cover transportation expenses for a group, including snacks.
4) Our program to instill joy in learning through group games by providing the school with equipment for soccer, volleyball, cricket, and others. In addition to the enjoyment, these games help them in developing other skills like coordination, competition, leadership, and strategizing. Your donation of $250/- funds purchase of equipment for one school.
5) Our program to protect and enhance overall environment of the school campuses while encouraging students and making them aware of the importance of healthy environment for future sustainability of human life. Your donation of $100/- will buy 75 trees for schools. The students have promised us to take care of the planted trees.
We have many major educational programs which can be funded in memory of your loved once. The details can be found here: