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Become A Volunteer

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Why Volunteer

All our volunteers give their time and energy to serve the impoverished rural children of India because it gives them great pleasure. It gives them a chance to improve the lives of many impoverished but talented children, and also give back to the motherland that either they or their parents or grandparents came from. Their contribution goes a long way in improving the health and educational environment in which the children can flourish, grow and become better citizens of the world.

In addition, those who volunteer at the Youth Wellness Camps in India also get to experience the serene beauty of rural India and its varied landscape, as well as loving hospitality of the local people. They witness first-hand the impact their work has made on improving the lives of these people. There is also an atmosphere of camaraderie among all volunteers, joined by the young local volunteers from India. Most of all, they fall in love with the innocent and endearing children, who are happy in spite of their challenging living conditions. It is always a happy and joyous environment for our volunteers at Youth Wellness Camps. No wonder they keep coming back to these camps over and over again.

Please, check out some of the stories, pictures and videos on this website. Also on this website is a list of all those who have already volunteered. Wouldn’t you like to join them?

Volunteering with Yuva Pragati will give you a chance to experience joy and fulfillment for your life’s work, and derive inner satisfaction.

Come join us!

Volunteering Opportunities

  1. Attend Youth Wellness Camps
  2. Website Management
  3. Marketing, Promotion & Community Outreach
  4. Building Yuva Pragati Community
  5. FundRaising Activities