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Education for Impoverished Children

Help us to educate the endearing, but needy children of rural India. These are God’s children. Nobody deserves to be left behind.

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Good health leads to good education

Good health is imperative for children to learn. Volunteer for our signature program of Youth Wellness Camps to conduct hands-on health check and provide hygiene education.

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Improve Schooling & Living Conditions

Work with us to improve living conditions for children and Ashramshala school facilities with inadequate or crumbling infrastructure.

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Scholarships for the Deserving & Needy

Help us reach out to the brightest of the needy students. Fund our Scholarship Programs for high school, vocational school, college, and professional education.

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Improve the lives of impoverished communities of india

Join, Volunteer or Donate in Eradicating Poverty, Ignorance, and Injustice among Impoverished Rural Children of India. We have a talented and dedicated team of volunteers and local partners to carry out our Mission.

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Doctors, Dentists, Optometrists - join Youth Wellness Camps for Impoverished Rural Children of India


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Apply your skills and energy to help the Indigent Rural Communities of India


Support our Infrastructure, Scholarship, Nutrition & Other Programs

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Our Work

Youth Wellness Camps

Our flagship Youth Wellness Camps (YWC) manned by Healthcare Professionals from USA and UK keep the children healthy, improve hygiene and facilitate good education.

Infrastructure Projects

We fund several Infrastructure Projects that facilitate education of children, from Class Rooms to Assembly Halls, Bunk Beds, Toilet Blocks, Water Tanks, Filtration Systems, and more.

Scholarship Programs

Our Scholarship Programs help educate India’s impoverished rural children through high school, vocational schools, college, and professional education.

Volunteering with Youth Wellness Camps

Why do our volunteers keep coming back, year after year?

Alpana Gandhi, MD

“It is a wonderful and gratifying experience to work with these beautiful children. ”

Ashish Boghani, MD

“Whatever we can do to make children’s lives better, it is worth it. I love to see their smiling faces”

Aruna Desai, MD

“I want to give back to India that nurtured me. Happiness is caring for these children”

Recent Projects

School Building at Nava Ashramshala

It was a moving ceremony for opening of 4 beautiful classrooms at the Nava Ashramshala sponsored by Yuva Pagati

Toilet Block at Fulgram Ashramshala

We inaugurated Toilet Block at Fulgram Ashramshala in Saurashtra that was sponsored by one of our Volunteer Doctors

Covid Relief Project for South Gujarat

To meet urgent needs of the community, though not a part of our mission, we have sponsored 3 different projects for COVID relief in South Gujarat.

Over the years, our efforts have impacted the health, nutrition and most importantly, the education of more than 25,000 village school children. Our regular visits, our knowledge of the local language, our familiarity with the local culture, have all facilitated the impact. We have formed a deep bond of trust and love with the children and the community of the Ashramshalas in Gujarat.

Experience Rural India

Experience the pristine beauty of rural India, its villages, endearing children, and the hospitality of these noble people – and fall in love with the children and our motherland - once again.

Success Stories

Discover our impact on students, schools and communities